The next generation of Bombardier’s high-performing luxury aircraft provides a window on the world.
By Michael Johnson - May 14th 2018

Inside the Learjet 75

Learjet may be synonymous with tradition and the birth of the business jet industry, but the latest member of Bombardier’s illustrious Learjet family is built for the future. The Learjet 75 is the fastest business aircraft in its class, boasting an impressive 2,040 nautical mile (3,778 kilometer) range and connecting passengers to more major destinations nonstop. With the right operating conditions, its high speed cruise of Mach 0.81 (860 km/h) not only covers more ground but also does it faster than any other jet in its class. The aircraft’s twin power plants, coupled with forward-thinking aerodynamics, also make it a champion of low operating costs, offering better performance for less fuel.

The Learjet family has accumulated 111 world speed records to date, including those set by the Learjet 75 aircraft on a round-trip between New York and Los Angeles in September 2015. The flight marked the 50th anniversary of aviator Clay Lacy’s record-setting transcontinental round-trip, beating his time by 17 minutes. No other aircraft has a faster climb rate or higher cruise speed among its direct competitors, and the Learjet 75 aircraft’s state-of-the-art carbon brakes provide superior landing performance – even on short runways and in challenging weather conditions, such as snow and rain.

Intelligent Design

On the exterior, the Learjet 75 aircraft builds on its predecessors’ sleek design and renowned performance with new canted winglets – inspired by the Learjet 28 aircraft, the first business jet to feature winglets – for improved aerodynamics and efficiency. Inside the aircraft, a wholly modern experience unfolds, as attentive as it is refined. The Learjet 75 features a flat-floor design – the first and only one to have such a design among its immediate competitors – which helps to accommodate two distinct floor plans for six or eight passengers, with the former providing the most legroom in an aircraft configured for six seats, and the latter allowing a cabin to be at capacity without compromising range. A new galley pocket door on both floor plans provides increased privacy and a quieter cabin, while the double-club swivel seating offers more headroom, legroom and mobility than any competitor. The galley has more storage space and amenities than ever, with a microwave option, dual ice drawers and other catering features that far exceed the light jet standard.

The aircraft’s niceTM HD Cabin Management System (CMS) blends innovation and accessibility, offering full access to environmental, recreational and informational controls at the convenience of seven-inch personal touch screens mounted at every seat (each seat also has its own personal USB port).*

The media center, located in the forward cabin, reads Blu-ray disks, DVDs, CDs and information from USBs or HDMI, playing content on any screen in the cabin.

The Learjet 75 is the most advanced business jet in its respective class, and thanks to the Bombardier Learjet Completion Center in Wichita, Kansas, it’s also the most personalized. From handcrafted cabinetry to other interior customizations, the Completion Center’s design team calls on a wealth of in-house expertise to meet even the most meticulous technical or aesthetic requirements.

20/20 Vision

The flight deck inside the Learjet 75’s cockpit.

As the next generation of the iconic Learjet family, the Learjet 75 aircraft sets the stage for private aviation – and continues to set the pace, five decades later. The Bombardier Vision flight deck is a benchmark in business aviation, and standard across all current in-production Learjet aircraft. It’s lauded not only for its technological prowess but also its ergonomic design, a factor that both reduces workload and provides greater situational awareness for the pilot. Three high-resolution 14-inch wide-screen displays are fed by a wide range of avionics, including Primary and Multifunction Flight Displays, which provide advanced in-flight information. And the Synthetic Vision System, an industry-leading weather and terrain monitoring system, ensures a smoother and more predictable journey.


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